Tuesday, January 01, 2013

PF suspends Maramba ward councillor for organising Andeleki's meeting

PF suspends Maramba ward councillor for organising Andeleki's meeting
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Tue 01 Jan. 2013, 13:00 CAT

The PF has suspended its Maramba ward councillor for allegedly organising a political meeting for Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki.

Confirming the suspension, Livingstone district chairman Fred Chibuye said despite several warnings to Moses Simbaya not to organise a meeting for Andeleki, who was a civil servant, Simbaya still went ahead and organised it.

"We had received reports that Simbaya was organising a meeting for Andeleki and we told him not to as this was going to be tantamount to creating parallel structures. He still went ahead despite us telling him that we needed clearance from the secretary general Wynter Kabimba," said Chibuye.

However, when contacted Andeleki said he addressed youths and women on Friday on how they could effectively form and manage clubs and not on politics.

"We held a workshop at which I addressed young men and women on club formation. It was not a political meeting," said Andeleki.

And several PF branch officials staged a peaceful protest outside the post office calling for the dismissal of Chibuye whom they accused of frustrating party development by suspending the Maramba ward councillor.

Speaking at the Livingstone Post Office where the demonstrators had gathered under the watchful eyes of police in riot gear, Limas Mwame, who is Namatama ward vice-chairperson, said the party had on two occasions failed President Michael Sata by failing to secure the Livingstone parliamentary seat.

"It is the wards who have the people. Why should we be used for elections only? We have failed the President on two occasions and it is not us to blame. This is a wakeup call as the entire province has no credible leadership. Last night (Saturday) he wrote the letter suspending councillor Simbaya," Mwame said.

He said the party was not growing as there were too many suspensions within the party at district level and the ward members were not benefiting.

And Zambezi ward chairman Thomas Daka said the district chairman and the constituency chairman were not all elected as they were acting.

"When we give advice with value, they refuse to listen. During the two by-elections, we de-campaigned ourselves at district and constituency levels so we want people who are elected because Fred Chibuye and Fred Kwibisa are all not elected as district and constituency chairman," said Daka.

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