Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chief Mwangala appeals for police posts, roads

By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Tue 16 Apr. 2013, 14:00 CAT

CHIEF Mwangala of the Chewa people says the government should establish more police posts in his area to boost the security situation because his chiefdom is in the border area.

In an interview on Saturday, chief Mwangala whose area borders Mozambique said the area needs good roads among many issues. He said his area faced a lot of challenges.

"We are asking government to repair our roads as fast as possible as well as providing security. You know when a police station is far away people normally suffer because people can attack us anytime. Being a border area, if you don't have security then it becomes a danger because things have changed and people have become more complicated. You can see that murder cases are increasing," chief Mwangala said.

He also said the tarring of the Chipata-Chadiza road should be extended to a place called Sinalo.

Chief Mwangala said the tarring works should also extend to Zingalume, Taferansoni and the Vubwi road.

He complained that the tarring works had been restricted to one area while many other people were on the other side.

Chief Mwangala also said the government should prepare enough food because many parts of the country including Chadiza would face some food shortages.

"Many areas did not receive enough rains and many parts of the country will not have enough food and water. We are asking government to access the food situation before distributing relief food," he said.

Chief Mwangala observed that other areas were still undeveloped because of the poor state of roads.

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