Monday, June 17, 2013

(NEWZIMBABWE) Anti-Mugabe hackers hit SA newspapers
13/06/2013 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

ANONYMOUS Africa, a so-called hacktivist group, briefly shut down about 50 websites on Wednesday, including the Independent Newspapers’ Independent Online (IOL). The group claimed they did it because of the media group’s support of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

The IOL website was "ignoring the genocide against the Ndebele people"

They mean the ever inflating number (first 3750 [Catholic Commission for Justice And Peace, still the best source], then 20,000, now 30,000 - which if true although horrendous, would not be 'a genocide') about what happened 30 years ago. But not the mass killings that happened 40 years ago, because that would be a) 'too long ago' and b) doesn't fit their 'regime change' agenda. - MrK

and "supporting a dictator".

Which is ironic, because elections have been set for July 31st this year. When did the Apartheid government set elections, before 1994? - MrK

The group pointed to an opinion piece on the Sunday Independent website claiming that Mugabe was a heroic African leader.

Well in a democracy, calling someone 'a heroic African leader' would be completely unacceptable. So more for the 'democratic forces' aligned 'against Mugabe'. Can't voice an opinion they don't approve of. - MrK

The hack led to the company's internet and e-mail systems going down at 11AM. According to IOL editor Alastair Otter, the system crashed because of a denial of server (DOS) attack, where the servers were flooded by a huge volume of requests.

Just before the attack, a group calling themselves Anonymous Africa, with the Twitter handle @Zim4thewin, sent out this tweet: “Please note everyone. Today #IOL will be attacked for ignoring the genocide against the Ndebele people and for supporting a dictator.”

Minutes later, they wrote: “@IOL Tick tock 3 minutes left until the African spring tidal wave hits your corrupt mouthpiece.”

The tweets then counted down to 11AM, when they wrote: “@iol You are now tango down! for crimes against humanity!”

Then came the taunt: “IOL bad boys bad boys what you ganna do, what you ganna do when they come for you,” quoting the Inner Circle song.

Anton Harber, Caxton professor of journalism at Wits University, said this was "an attack on the rights to free expression" of those who support Mugabe.

"Freedom of speech means tolerating even — or especially — opinions one dislikes. They can disagree, even protest, but vandalising a newspaper site and preventing the expression of different opinions is a thuggish attack on freedom of expression."

Well guess again, the 'regime change' operation against Zimbabwe has never been about democracy, it has always been about grabbing the Zimbabwean people's diamonds (20% of the world's known diamond reserves in the Chiadzwa and Marange diamond fields), by the same Ian Smith era voices who swore to not see democracy in Rhodesia, I quote, "Not in a thousand years". That is their commitment to democracy. - MrK

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