Monday, July 08, 2013

Dependence, handouts will not develop Zambia - Nsofu
By Brina Siwale in Livingstone
Mon 01 July 2013, 14:00 CAT

COMMENT - Parroting empty quotes like 'dependency syndrome' is not going to help - only the analysis of Zambia's economic limitations (like high lending rates for entrepreneurs, for instance) is going to show productive results. - MrK

THE dependency syndrome among Zambians will make it difficult for the country to attain meaningful economic development, says Youths for Dialogue liaison officer Kampamba Nsofu.

Nsofu said in an interview that there was need for Zambians, especially the youth, to be innovative and come up with mechanisms that would help them earn a living.

"The only challenge that is there is that there is a lot of dependency on handouts and that is making it a challenge for people to be innovative and come up with ideas that will help them earn a living.
What we need to realise is that government will not automatically find something for everyone to do; we need to come up with ideas," he said.
"There is need for people to make use of the Citizen Economic
Empowerment Commission and demand for that fund because that is their money. They should not just sit down and wait for government to give them jobs when government has put in place ways in which people can
access money. The only way to create economic development is if Zambians, especially the youth, stop relying on handouts for a living."

Nsofu said waiting to be spoon-fed would not lead to development of individuals or the country.

"We should not always blame government for the lack of employment but we should also assist government by coming up with ideas that will see us citizens contributing to the economy of this country," he said.
And Nsofu said there was need for the country's education system to teach young people to be self-reliant after completing their education.

"The dependency syndrome comes from our education system because mostly the youth think of working for someone after they complete school. Very few of them think of coming up with their own firms after
completing school. We need to create a generation of people that will not rely on handouts for a living," said Nsofu.

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