Monday, July 22, 2013

UPND is attractive to MMD - Canisius
By Agness Changala and Mwala Kalaluka
Mon 08 July 2013, 14:00 CAT

IT'S MMD members that are daily knocking on our doors, says UPND vice-president for administration Dr Canisius Banda.

Commenting on MMD vice-president for politics Michael Kaingu's statement that it was political incest for the UPND to continue poaching MMD members of parliament whose seats had been nullified, Dr Banda said yesterday that his party was not poaching anyone as citizens were freely going to it.

"And when they come knocking on our doors, we welcome them and if they are willing to join us, we do not use force, we use our characters to attract them. So if they are willing to join us, we embrace them and begin to work with them," Dr Banda said.

He said there were no clandestine activities that the UPND was doing to get popular.

Dr Banda said instead of pointing a finger at anyone, the parties losing members should find out what was wrong within their ranks.
He said the assumption being made by the MMD that UPND was actively conducting a door-to-door recruitment campaign of members was wrong.
Dr Banda said those joining the party were citizens who had found the UPND to be the only hope for the attainment of national development.

He said instead of placing the blame on the UPND following its brightening political prospects, parties losing members must internally correct their character so that they make themselves attractive.
Dr Banda said if they were attractive their members would not leave even if they were approached.

"That their members are leaving is a wake-up call for them to realise that something is not right within themselves and they must study what is right in the parties where their members are going ," said Dr Banda.
Dr Banda recently defected from the MMD, where he was a member of the party's national executive committee, to join the UPND.

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