Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MMD is headed for extinction - Kabimba
By Roy Habaalu in Mkushi
Wed 24 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

WYNTER Kabimba says MMD is a party of thieves headed into extinction.

And Kabimba says MMD will not return into government until Jesus Christ returns. Addressing a rally in Itala compound to drum up support for PF candidate Ingrid Mpande in Mkushi, Kabimba, who is PF secretary general, said voting for MMD was tantamount to promoting thieving in the country.

"Countries that have developed are those that have maintained one party in government. The only exception is MMD, where we maintained thieves for 20 years. It's only in Zambia where we kept thieves in power ba MMD niba pompwe (thieves) and they are still pompwe's," Kabimba said amid shouts of "lawyer, lawyer" from the crowd.

"So how can ba pompwe come back and say 'we have changed, vote for us' without repenting? MMD is still in court. Their leader Mr Rupiah Banda is in court, answering to corruption charges. Those coming here are still in court. How can they convince you to vote for them? Even pastor Mumba is in court, facing charges of having stolen money at our embassy in Canada," he said.

He said a vote for Mpande was a vote for President Michael Sata to continue fulfilling his campaign promises.

He said after 40 years of public service, God had rewarded President Sata.

Kabimba said President Sata was a leader for the poor of the poorest.
He said under President Sata, all Zambians were equal as opposed to the MMD's 20 years of misrule.

"In America, they elect a rich President because he represents the interests of the rich. In Zambia, you elected President Michael Sata because he represents the poor and he's not rich himself. That's why you've never heard him boasting that he's a rich man," he said.

Kabimba said President Sata needed support, which the electorate could render by voting for PF candidate. And Kabimba said the party must come before candidates.

"There are people in Chipata Central saying that I don't like Lameck Mangani, Ingrid Mpande (Mkushi North), James Chishiba (Kafulafuta) and Peter Ilunga (Solwezi Central) as candidates. My message is this; if you are a genuine Zambian and a PF member, put the party first before looking at individuals. In PF, we preach and believe in unity. We are all under the leadership of PF, with President Michael Sata as head of state," he said.

Kabimba urged people to respect candidates whom the party had fielded.

Meanwhile, PF Kawambwa member of parliament Nickson Chilangwa said only a fool could vote for UPND.

"Only a fool can vote for UPND because the man (Hakainde Hichilema) doesn't trust himself. In Lusaka and Luapula, we think anyone who votes for UPND is a fool," said Chilangwa.

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