Thursday, August 01, 2013

Sata castigates ministers, PSs over confidential letters
By Moses Kuwema
Tue 16 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has castigated ministers and permanent secretaries who write confidential letters to him and copy them to other people.

Speaking at State House yesterday when he swore in Kaizer Zulu as permanent secretary at State House, President Sata, before the function, openly told off foreign affairs minister Dr Effron Lungu and advised him against the trend, saying letters written to him were meant for him alone and not other people.

"Secretary to the Cabinet and all your permanent secretaries and honourable ministers, I am very disappointed. This is the first time I have seen in life. I have served in government, I served in UNIP, I served in MMD, it is only this time I am seeing ministers write letters to me which are copied to other people," said President Sata as he was swearing in Zulu.

Lungu is said to have written President Sata a letter but also copied it to foreign affairs permanent secretary, Margaret Miyoba.
President Sata said he did not even read the letter but shredded it.
President Sata observed that permanent secretaries had a tendency of writing letters to him, which they also copied to other people.
He said he does not act on letters which are copied to other people.

"So when you write letters to me which are copied to other people, I don't act on them; I just shelve them. The information which you want to find out from me is supposed to be between you and me, not other people," President Sata said.

After the function, President Sata said his ministers and permanent secretaries were lucky because the country had a mature press.

"In those days when the press was not mature, all the letters you write, you would find them in Times of Zambia. You are lucky we have a matured press," said President Sata as he walked out of the room.
Prior to his appointment as permanent secretary State House, Zulu was deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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