Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chigunta urges principled, ideology-oriented politics
By Abel Mboozi
Wed 28 Aug. 2013, 14:00 CAT

POLITICIANS in Zambia need ideological orientation to define their political principles and stance, says Dr Francis Chigunta.

Dr Chigunta, a development studies lecturer at the University of Zambia, said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that politics of the belly should come to an end for development to take root in Zambia.

"Politicians tend to jump from one party to another just to satisfy their bellies, which is unacceptable. In Zambia, we need to promote a culture of principled politics and to do this, our politicians need ideological orientation, which should define their political principles and stance," he said.

Dr Chigunta said politicians should remain steadfast in standing up for what is correct in society, and not the other way round.
"Politicians should promote principled ideas that will help foster development for citizens," he said.

Dr Chigunta said as long as there was no clearly defined ideological orientation, politics of insults would continue to take centre stage in Zambia.

He noted that politics of insults was a departure from the ideals that Dr Kenneth Kaunda and his Tanzanian counterpart Julius Nyerere championed through humanism and Ujamaa, respectively.

"Dr Kaunda, Nyerere and their peers across Africa were principled politicians with guiding principles, and this is the trend that we need to follow right away in Zambia," said Dr Chigunta, who is also former president Rupiah Banda's political advisor.

He said politicians in Zambia had a unique opportunity to create a new framework for national building and prosperity by promoting rationality in politics.

Dr Chigunta said time had come for Zambia to engage in civilised politics and that politicians should be preoccupied with one sole aim of serving citizens in a credible manner.



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