Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chikumbi farmer drives over trespassers' legs
By Oliver Chisenga and Tom Chiponge
Wed 28 Aug. 2013, 14:01 CAT

COMMENT - How is this not assault? I wonder how many years in prison she is going to get for it. - MrK

TWO subsistence farmers of Chikumbi area near Kabangwe are nursing injuries in the University Teaching Hospital after a farm owner of the same area allegedly drove over their legs as punishment for trespassing on her farm.

Narrating the ordeal from their hospital beds, James Gumbo, 29, and Clever Mutangama, 31, said the farm owner, whose name they do not know, found them collecting tomato stakes at her farmland and ordered her employees to tie them, after which she drove over their legs as punishment even after they asked for leniency.

"We went to find stakes for our tomatoes at this lady's farm but after we were almost done, the owner of the farm found us and asked her farm workers to tie our hands using wires. After they beat us, we asked for leniency but she ordered that we sit down before driving over our feet. She left us in the field after we were driven over and we could not walk. We called for some people to alert our relatives, who came and picked us up. We were assisted to go to Kabangwe police post and there, the officers referred us to Matero Police Station," narrated Gumbo.

Matangama, a father of three, lamented that being a farmer, he would have difficulties sustaining his family as he would be confined.

"Siniziba nganizasebenza bwanji ndaba mendo yatyoka. Banibweza kumbuyo apa, nchinto yanga yonse yafa (I don't know how I will be working now that my legs are broken; this is a drawback, it is the end of my work)," lamented Mutangama.

And UTH public relations manager Mwenya Mulenga said the two patients who were received on Saturday had broken bones in their lower limbs.

He, however, said the duo was stable and would be discharged and return for review at a date to be advised.

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