Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kabimba says he's not in a race with anybody for PF presidency
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe
Thu 22 Aug. 2013, 14:01 CAT

WYNTER Kabimba says he is not in a race with anybody over the PF presidency. Meanwhile, Kabimba says speculation by some opposition political party that President Michael Sata was ailing is just cheap political propaganda.

Speaking on a UK-based blog Radio programme called Political Crossfire, which was aired on Kitwe's Flava FM radio on Tuesday night, Kabimba, who is the secretary general of the PF and justice minister, said his priority was to work with Zambians to deliver the much-needed development and not to compete with any individual in the party or in government over the presidency of the party.

"I offered to be in this government to come and serve my people to the best of my ability, and if I am in any race, I am in a race with Zambians to develop this country and not to compete with anybody over leadership. I am not in any race with an individual or group of individuals. We have a huge task and that is to catch up on the development that we lost in the 20 years of the MMD," he said.

Asked whether he had presidential ambitions and if defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba was a threat to that ambition, Kabimba said: "I am glad you have paraphrased the question but the answer is the same: I have no ambitions that are running against any particular individual, none at all. My ambition, if you want to refer to it as an ambition, is to join the Zambian people to develop this country and uplift the living standards of our people in a very committed manner."

He further said there was no one in the PF that had been vilified or demonised for harbouring presidential ambitions.

And Kabimba said there was an opposition political party that was thinking that it could gain political mileage by coming up with the propaganda over President Sata's health.

"The lies about President Sata's health go back as far as 2006. In 2006, two days before the elections, they said Michael Sata was dead, but the man was alive. In 2011, they tried to anchor their campaign on the same propaganda; they were saying the Zambian people can't vote for a man who can die at any time. That was 2011 but we won the elections and this is 2013 and the man is alive and doing very fine. Surely, it's high time we all realised that this is nothing but cheap political propaganda by an opposition political party. Thank you to the majority Zambians that have faith in Michael Sata's leadership, and they have been very steadfast in believing in the PF leadership," said Kabimba.

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