Thursday, September 05, 2013

(NEWERA NM) Indigenization triumphs as western democracy flops in Zimbabwe
09 Aug 2013

THE power of Africa and the power of the people of the continent are visibly being witnessed slowly but surely in Africa. Africans seems to realize that this is the time of correcting the past mistakes of colonialism and apartheid in the continent. Once again brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe have spoken and their voices have echoed across the globe, that it is Zimbabweans who must decide their future.

The voice of indigenization of resources has dug deep in the hearts of the citizens despite western interference and influence over African affairs. The man who was demonized the world over has proved globally that his message was not for himself but for the people of Zimbabwe. The day is around the corner when we will see banks, industries and factories owned by Zimbabweans themselves. The 51 percent shareholding by Zimbabweans in all the companies of the country is now a reality.

Zimbabweans are the first to break the yoke of neo-colonization of Africa; bravo Robert Mugabe, bravo Zimbabweans. True freedom does not come on the silver plate; you fight and sweat for real and true freedom.

Slowly but surely the message is being heard worldwide that Africans are not just rubberstamps anymore.

The western world must accept that this is the moment of letting go their propaganda and imperialism. This is the time of letting and leaving Africans to do things our way. Africans must be able to fly in planes, drive and cruise in luxury from their own resources.

The elections of Zimbabwe have equivocally declared to the world that Africa wants to stand alone and free.

Thanks goes to the brothers and sisters who not only stood up for their leader but for being able to deny western lies and influence and followed the path of truth and total freedom.

Our organization is delighted to notice that Africans are now in gear five with an African Agenda.

The dollar, no matter how powerful it may be is not yours if it is not in your own pocket. Africa wants her own locally made dollar from her resources.

This is the time to endure and sacrifice for total freedom, we are aware that the way forward will not just be easy and smooth, there are more challenges ahead.

Saunders Jumah
The Utopian

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