Thursday, September 12, 2013

(NEWZIMBABWE) West driven by personal hatred: Mugabe
Malawi visit ... President Mugabe, his wife Grace with Malawian President Banda and her husband (File Photo)
By NewsDeskAugust 17th, 2013

PRESIDENT Mugabe says the West’s refusal to accept the results of the July 31 elections had nothing to do with credibility of the polls, but personal dislike of him.

Speaking to journalists on arrival at Kamuzu International Airport on Friday, Mugabe said he was happy to be in Lilongwe as Zimbabwe was a friend of Malawi.

“The West wants to think for us and take decisions for us and give us direction. What we decide as the correct course, they will not agree with us unless the decision serves their interests,” Mugabe said, speaking in earshot of Malawian President Joyce Banda who welcomed him.

“In this case, it is Robert Mugabe they don’t like, who is a Zimbabwean, an Africa and also friend of Malawi.”

Mugabe said he was in Malawi for the routine SADC summit to put heads together with other leaders to move the regional bloc forward.

“We have come to SADC, it’s our ordinary meeting held once a year. We come to review decisions made in previous meetings and where necessary, make new decisions.

“In this meeting we are reviewing decisions made last year and charting the way forward and also to bestow the burden of holding the organisation together on Malawi. President Banda becomes our new person for the next year.”

Mugabe won the July 31 elections with 61,09 percent of the vote to MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s 33,94 percent.

Zanu PF clinched 160 seats out of the 210 House of Assembly constituencies for a crushing 76 percent dominance in the Lower House.

After factoring in 60 women’s quota seats elected by proportional representation of six for each of the 10 provinces, the final composition of the 270-member National Assembly comes to 197 seats for Zanu PF, 70 for MDC-T, two for MDC, and one independent, giving Zanu PF just under 73 percent of the total seats in the National Assembly, but well over the two thirds majority of 180 seats.

Zanu-PF also made a near clean sweep of councils after winning 1,493 wards against 442 for MDC-T.

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