Sunday, December 01, 2013

We're here to work, not to argue - Scott
By Moses Kuwema
Tue 22 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Guy Scott says he is not interested in gossip and resentment because he does not have the time and energy to waste on arguments that should be taking place at the golf club.

On Saturday, home affairs minister and PF disciplinary committee chairperson Edgar Lungu said reconciliation in the PF would not work as long as Vice-President Scott and justice minister Wynter Kabimba do not point out the corrupt and tribal elements in the party.

But Vice-President Scott described the statement as Lungu's own opinion and that he was not interested in village politics.

"We have got a big job to do. This country is three times the size of the United Kingdom and it is very backward in infrastructure and so forth. We don't have time or energy to waste on arguments that should be taking place at the golf club or whatever. Let us use our energy to bring about the achievements of the party manifesto," he said.

When asked if his party would be able to deliver development in the absence of unity within the party, Vice-President Scott said there should be unity with the people that wanted to see the country develop.

"That's the unity which has to be there. If somebody wants to do politics, arguing like who said what, we will not get anywhere. The President knows that and I am sure Edgar knows that," he said.

Further asked what his message would be to the PF grassroots supporters in view of the lack of unity amongst the top leadership, Vice-President Scott said the grassroots should not be despondent.

"We are on the job, we are developing the country. We are not going to run this country as if we are a women cooperative where people are jealous because another one was with somebody's husband and so forth. We are not interested in village politics. We are all here to work. We are not interested in gossip and resentment. Getting the coffin into the streets with my name on it, you have to forget all that stuff. There is no point wasting energy going over the same ground again and again. We are not here to argue. We are here to work," said Vice-President Scott.

In September, Kabimba said there was a clique of tribal elements that was sponsoring anarchy in PF.

But Kabimba's statement was dismissed by sports minister Chishimba Kambwili who even urged him to apologise to Kabwata PF member of parliament Given Lubinda over the behaviour of PF cadres towards him.
However, Kabimba responded by saying Kambwili was part of the tribal clique in PF.

Later, Kabimba's statement was supported by Vice-President Scott who said there was some element of tribal prejudice at work in the calls for Kabimba to resign.

Vice-President Scott also said there was also a large element of corruption involved in the people who were causing confusion in the PF because they are trying to immunise themselves against forces of law and order.

"The use of a term like tribal clique has certain implications…There is certainly some element of tribal prejudice at work. Whether this amounts to a clique or a conspiracy or simply to old habits that die hard, I would not be in a position to judge because I don't have a tribe, unless Scottish is a tribe. So I don't know very much about tribalism," he said recently.

Vice-President Scott said there was certainly a large element of corruption involved in the people who were causing the disruption in the PF.

"I think there are a lot of aspects and forces at work including opposition forces, wanting to confuse the party from inside. We are acting against it. I think it is being taken. It will not run forever. I expect it to be under good control in the next few days," he said.

Vice-President Scott said there were people within the PF who had their own agendas.



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