Thursday, May 29, 2014

(BERNARD BUWONI BLOG) In Mugabe Africa must seriously trust!
By Bernard Bwoni

As the media circus hijacked the memorial service of Mandela, certain ideological African themes are becoming more prominent and ineradicably embedded. There is a resurrection of the belief in the African ideology and the resonant acclamation President Mugabe received at the mention of his name at the FNB stadium is affirmation of the credence.

The people of Africa, the real people of Africa know who their real heroes are and no amount of illusory media sophistry and air-brushing is going to change that. President Mugabe received a standing ovation and he did not even stand at the podium to give a speech. The man must be doing something very right. No let me rephrase that, the man is doing something right.

Legends are born, not scripted. It is that unwavering, lifelong and indelible ideological immersion to a cause that personifies Robert Mugabe amply. What is interesting to note is that the inexorable thunderous ovation for Mugabe was right in the glare of those hypocritical kingmakers with privy designs and ominous intent who have incessantly and historically misinformed and disinformed the world about Mugabe. The Mugabe frenzy that is sweeping across the African continent has no preclusion. Those with inauspicious intentions on Zimbabwe have tried suppressing and smothering the ideologically-congealed Mugabe mania for it to resurface again and again as happened at the FNB stadium. Robert Mugabe’s standing ovation was for an unshakeable belief in a cause and the ovation for Obama was sheer curiosity and that novel feeling of seeing a black man fronting the very threat to that African cause.

Robert Mugabe is an extraordinary African. A man with the black African cause permanently ingrained to his whole being is what defines him. Zimbabwe has been under siege and the man has soaked all the demonization and onslaught with an unparalleled tenacity and resoluteness. He is a principled man with an indefatigable bond to delivering his people from the implacable neo-colonial structure which manifests itself in many forms to continually quell the African quest for lasting and real independence which seeks to economically liberate the continent and its people. The tumultuous ovation he received in the FNB stadium was no gimmick. That was open recognition from real African people with an unfulfilled thirst for definitive emancipation and not the delusory independence they had to settle for. Robert Mugabe represents real hope for the masses with an unfeigned and authentic proposal to truly liberate Africa and Africans. Do not believe the media hype about demons and dictators! That is just a smoke-screen to asphyxiate the African economic genesis that has the unique bonafide raison d’être to uplift and upgrade the lives of black Africans. Aid and donations have not done it yet! Most definitely will never do it and Africans eternally declassed to beggars and burgers! No real meat, no substance just barebones. No foreign aid is ever truly altruistic and the sooner Africans realise that the better. Only pessimism, calamity and undesirable negative anticipation shapes black Africa in the eyes of those with baleful and exploitation-inspired intrigue on Africa and representation of Africa is in terms of absences, delinquencies and alien. Obama delivering a hot-air speech to the permanently economically crippled black people of South Africa at the memorial service of a revolutionary who could have forced an upgrade of their lives is one of the most strikingly sardonic moments in African history. As the themes continue to emerge, Robert Mugabe’s ideals are resonating well with Africans continent-wide.

South Africa, a significantly unequal society with one of the highest gini-coefficient rankings in the world is on the threshold of a riveting social and political malfunction. Someone somewhere failed to fully address the obvious inequalities which define and are deeply entrenched in this ‘Rainbow Nation’ today. The standing ovation for Robert Mugabe, a real driver for change to address the historically and racially skewed inequalities and to economically empower the black people of Zimbabwe, is affidavit to the inevitable cataclysmic unravelling in South Africa. Little brother will guide big brother towards the summit of economic freedom.

Robert Mugabe is a visionary leader period! The unique feature about this living legend is the unflinching fidelity to ideological course and epistemological substance. When South Africans stood up and gave a resounding ovation to the man who has dedicated his entire life to the Zimbabwean cause, the South African cause was instantly thrust on the agenda. The inequalities in South Africa are not going to be addressed by flamboyant oration from the neo-colonial point man of those who wish to indefinitely degrade Africans to eternal bondage. Africa must seriously starting putting trust in the Mugabe vision. The Mugabe inspired and perceptive astuteness which seeks to dismantle and restructure the neo-colonial DNA which continues to inextricably fasten Africa and its people to enduring subjugation.

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