Wednesday, July 30, 2014

'Zambians' participation in economy glaringly absent'
By Misheck Wangwe
Thu 06 Feb. 2014, 14:00 CAT

ALEXANDER Chikwanda says the participation of Zambians in the economy is glaringly absent, largely on account of there being no institutions of development of various entrepreneurs that can turn to capital requirements.

And Chikwanda, who is finance minister minister and currently acting president, says President Michael Sata is in control of the country and in full command of the PF development agenda aimed at mitigating the levels of poverty among the citizenry.

Speaking when he opened the Natsave Lumwana branch yesterday, Chikwanda said the government was capitalising the bank so that it could modernise and have adequate resources to lend at reasonable rates.
And Bank of Zambia Governor Dr Michael Gondwe said there was increasing paradigm shift in consumer behaviour facilitated by developments in information technology and communication sectors.

"A survey conducted in 2009 established that only 37 per cent of the population uses formal and informal financial services, while 63 per cent are financially excluded. This is due to lack of physical access to financial service providers. It is important that financial institutions strive to bring financial services close to the public," Dr Gondwe said.

And NATSAVE managing director Cephas Chabu said the bank would continue to offer the required financial solutions to rural populations in the country.

Meanwhile, Chikwanda told Patriotic Front told Patriotic Front officials who attended the opening of the Natsave branch that useless squabbles among some party officials should not be allowed to divide the ruling party.

Chikwanda said with the PF, the country's interests would always be bigger than any individual's interests.

He said everyone in the PF must set an example of selflessness and tolerant leadership.

"If we become a party driven by useless squabbles and divisions, we are not going to attract anyone from other parties to join us. What will be the attraction? What will be the incentive or the purpose of other people joining us if you are always quarreling? Your responsibility is to guide our people in development tasks. We want you to show leadership," Chikwanda said.

He said President Sata's desire was to have party officials that would discuss issues in an honest manner and settle all differences amicably.

"You must learn how to maximise tolerance and accommodation of each other's opinion. People will always have differences. Even if you belong to the same mother and father, it's normal to differ, but what is important is to resolve those differences. Party officials, I want you to know that these things called affection, loyalty and respect are a reciprocal; if you don't respect people, they will not respect you and if you don't love people; they will not love you," Chikwanda said.

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