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(TALKZIMBABWE) MDC-T stuck with its handlers

MDC-T stuck with its handlers
By: Jackson Matsikachando*
Posted: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 12:51 pm

DEAR EDITOR -- A little over two years ago, another pen embarked on an epistolary spree that this writer humbly hopes added to the sane voices that changed the game in uncertain times amidst untenable conditions. The appeals to the erstwhile opposition and relevant stakeholders to map a distinctly African and indigenous solution to the problems bore fruit by delivering relative stability for the citizenry, through a shaky coalition nevertheless.

Developments since have been fraught with anxieties, no least those arising from inane actions, or indeed inactions from the MDC-T part of the coalition, of which the Asian misadventure is the latest of their 'flunkey-a-trics'. A most hilarious misadventure if only it were not a major faux pas in our nation's diplomatic history. As another writer put it, those who have gone East have usually come back wiser, but there are also those it seems who have come back more blind and more stupid than when they went there.

The former opposition, and now partners in the inclusive Government, have not failed to amuse with their political theatrics filled with policy flip-flops and inane obfuscation on legislation duly gazetted by a government of which they are a part.

Party and personal spokespersons going over themeselves to put dung stained feet in mouth with the inevitable result that what comes out is bull.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something if his salary depends on him not understanding it.

Flip-flops and conflicts are inevitable where there is no collective belief. The absence of an ideology that serves as a hegemonic reference point for its followers breeds confusion. These people do not sincerely believe in their cause and this means hesitation and weaknesses even at the sametime as it drives them to greater extremes, the dubious BIPPA being the latest.

To uphold a lost cause, lost in the eyes of Zimbabweans and Africans, must inevitably lead to doubts and conflict.

The MDC-T abandoned the comradeship and understanding of the frontline family and are part of another group to whose rules they must now adhere. Having now played for the other side, it is virtually impossible for them now to change back not only for the realpolitik consequences of such action, but also for psychological reasons. They have no way out.

Regional and home-led attempts at counsel or designed to shake or shame them simply drive them further into the safety of their handlers.

They dare not be cast out from them and must therefore please them in every possible way, carry out their suggestions, adhere tenaciously and comically to the tune of those who are playing it. Hence the Prime Minister's Asian misadventure in spite of diplomatic advice from senior figures as the ambassador to Japan, Mr Stuart Comberbach.

Independence of thought and judgment is not part of the MDC-T psyche and has never been. They have relinquished their right to think freely, to assess independently and are wholly dependent on powers outside themselves.

All that matters is the approval of these powers, Zimbabwe's historic and long term strategic interests can, it seems, be flung about willy nilly.

It is time for the progressive forces to steadily pursue the clear and definite object of enlightened empowerment and complete freedom for Africans in the Sadc and beyond.

The youth are key and to that end, their integration into the decision making structures should be encouraged and not sceptically dismissed.


*Jackson Matsikachando is the pseudonym of a Zimbabwean residing in the UK. The writer can be contacted at jmatsikachando ***



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