Thursday, May 10, 2012

(ZAMBIA REPORTS) Sata Blasts Foreign Intervention in Zambia

Sata Blasts Foreign Intervention in Zambia
Posted by: Editor Posted date: May 09, 2012

President Michael Sata says his government takes strong exception to foreign diplomats who interfere in the country’s internal affairs. Sata said this during a meeting with Canadian High Commission to Zambia and Tanzania Robert Orr at State House today.

He was reacting to a meeting between opposition political party leaders and the European Union yesterday concerning the suspension of three judges. President Sata urged his Foreign affairs minister to look into the matter.

“You [Canada] have not interfered in our local affairs, when we were a dependent country. What we have seen, some people…most of our laws in Zambia are derived from the Commonwealth and the European Union. And when we find that our colleagues are interfering in the internal affairs of Zambia, we take strong exception. The Minister of Foreign Affairs should have a look. When diplomats start entertaining opposition, we don’t do it in Canada, why should they do it here? We don’t do it in Europe, why should they do it here?” President Sata said.

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