Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ex-ZAWA chief ready to be probed by ACC

Ex-ZAWA chief ready to be probed by ACC
By Mukosha Funga
Tue 01 Jan. 2013, 14:23 CAT

FORMER ZAWA director general Edwin Matokwani has described the corruption allegations raised against him by tourism minister Sylvia Masebo as unfounded and untrue.

Matokwani, who was fired by Masebo on Sunday for alleged irregularities in the awarding of safari hunting licenses, said in an interview yesterday that he was clean and ready to be probed by the ACC.

"I am ready to be probed by the Anti Corruption Commission because I am innocent. Right now I have not received any letter. So I am just in the dark. And whether it is the police or anything, we are ready to corporate so that the truth must come out," he said.

On allegations that the tenders had been awarded to associate companies, Matokwani said the claims were baseless.

"When you are doing a tender evaluation, of course our bid document states that there were not going to be any interlocking directors and we were careful to obtain the names of all the companies that applied from PACRA and as we were doing the work, there were crisscrossing or if they appeared in the other company and none of that is evident. So if some people have some information showing otherwise, they are free to come forward and give this information to any of the law enforcement officers. We gave everyone a fair chance," he said.

Matokwani bemoaned the manner in which he was fired.

"It is unfortunate the way she just announced that I had lost my job. I am shocked that such a thing could happen where a person could not allow or be given a chance to be heard but is judged before he is found guilty," he said.

Matokwani said he would believe in God to expose the truth.
"For now, I will live my life. I believe in God and I know that God will reveal the truth. I will forge ahead with my life," said Matokwani.

Masebo on Sunday fired Matokwani along with four other ZAWA top officials for irregularities in the award of Safari Hunting licences.

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