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Koffi slaps his dancing queen

Koffi slaps his dancing queen
By Tilyenji Mwanza and Felix Kashweka
Tue 01 Jan. 2013, 14:30 CAT

KOFFI Olomide's performance in Zambia is still shrouded in controversy as fresh information has come from backstage witnesses who have revealed that the Congolese rhumba icon also beat up one of his sensational female dancers.

ZNBC's Chiko Mukoka and Master of Ceremonies Henry Banda, who witnessed Koffi slapping his dancer, confirmed the incident to The Post.

Mukoka yesterday said the dancer was slapped just after Koffi kicked photographer Jean Ndayisenga 'Mandela' in the face.

Mukoka said Koffi hit his dancing queen for unknown reasons. He said the slap sent the lady to the ground and when she got up, she looked disoriented.

"Yes he slapped her very hard across the face. She actually tumbled to the ground just missing a stair step. She got up and tried to straighten herself but with no complaint, maybe that is how he disciplines his dancers," said Mukoka.

Meanwhile Banda, who was MC at the event, said Koffi first assaulted Mandela for trying to photograph him.

Banda said after kicking Mandela, Koffi turned and slapped his dancing queen for no apparent reason.

"He just turned and hit her right across the face. She fell and when she got up, she looked dazed but heaven knows why he did it. I think he wanted to hit her again but the security restrained him," said Banda.

One of Koffi's security personnel, who chose to remain anonymous, said Koffi slapped the girl and beat her again in the hotel room.

The source said Koffi was not pleased with the girl's interaction with others as he prefers his dancing queens not to interact with anyone.

"It's like he was not happy that she had been talking to some people and that was why he hit her. And on top of that slap, he gave her a worse beating in the room. But these girls are weird. They never report," the source said.

Another source said Koffi had been arguing with the same girl at the time Mandela interrupted them.

"He was telling the girl that the show was over and they should go but she was insisting on staying. Koffi tried to plead with her and in the process, Mandela also started taking pictures. That is how Koffi got angry and kicked him," said one source.

Some of Koffi's other close confidants disclosed that the musician was not happy with the performance of the dancers and the band too.

"His band had been tired, especially the ladies. On stage, you see him asking the people on the drums and the dancers to up the tempo. He has been frustrated with their performance, with the band he came with. Probably they did not rehearse for a long time," said a source.
Koffi is already under investigation by Zambia Police for allegedly assaulting Mandela.

Koffi was in February accused by a Paris suburban court of three counts of rape and illegal confinement after complaints from three of his former backup dancers.

He denied the charges and returned to the Democratic Republic of Congo before French authorities could say if he should be held without bail.

Meanwhile Kaya Gold Music, the local promoter's security manager, Nawa Muyatwa when contacted for comment on the incident said he had not witnessed Koffi slap his dancing queen because he was attending to Mandela.

However, Muyatwa said he had been briefed that Koffi had slapped one of his dancing queens but he could not confirm whether the muscian had indeed hit his dancer as he did not personally witness it.

"After Koffi kicked Mandela's camera, I was dragging him out and did not see what happened. But yes I found her sitting down and when I asked, I was told she was slapped but I can not confirm because I did not see it with my own eyes," Muyatwa said.

"I cannot confirm because I was behind the stage when he stepped off the stage and the other bodyguards that were behind him are the ones that could probably know what happened. I am yet to officially confirm."

And Koffi´s Main local promoter Gode Kayanda also said he was not a witness to the incident and his body guards had not yet debriefed him on what happened backstage.

¨I'm a promoter. I wasn't there because I am not usually backstage so I cannot say yes or no because I did not see it. The best people to know are the bodyguards because they were there with him. Unless I get the information from the guys, that's when I can confirm," said Kayanda.

Kayanda added that he was actually traveling to the Copperbelt where Koffi was scheduled to perform yesterday to find out what exactly transpired.

And Koffi fans have accused the musician of stealing from them owing to a poor performance by his band.

The fans, who paid K350, 000 and K250, 000 to watch Koffi's concert at Pamodzi and Government Complex respectively hurled insults at the singer after he left the stage prematurely.

Koffi only came on stage around 23:30 hours after most fans were tired of waiting.

His band however could not impress as the sound output poorly loud. Even his dancers were an embarrassment as they could not coordinate their dance routines.

At around 02:00 hours, Koffi told the fans that he was happy to see them before he signaled the end of the concert.

The fans, most of whom were expecting to watch the musician perform the old favourite said his days were over.

"This is bull***t, tell him, he is foolish. He has stolen from us. How can he fail to perform his own songs… He did not even finish a single song, he is an embarrassment," one of them said.

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