Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easterners cannot be trusted, says Kachingwe
By Allan Mulenga
Tue 16 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

MAJOR Richard Kachingwe says Nevers Mumba is wasting his time to ride on Rupiah Banda's name in Eastern Province. And Maj Kachingwe described Mumba's sympathy for Banda, who is facing corruption cases, as fruitless.

Maj Kachingwe, who is former MMD national secretary, said he owed no apology to Mumba because he was an illegal party president.

"Nevers Mumba thinks that people in Eastern Province like RB but he has been rejected. If you look at the 2011 elections, he just managed to get a few votes from there," he said.

"You see, people of Eastern Province cannot be trusted. They change easily; they are quicksand."

Maj Kachingwe maintained that MMD was going nowhere with Mumba at the helm of the party.

"I have never and will never apologise to anybody for what I did. I know someday a reasonable NEC will sit and endorse my decision against Mumba. I know what will happen with Mumba at the helm of the party," he said.

"Mumba doesn't mean well for the party. He has embraced PF rejects, they are the ones running the party and they do not know the party. I have completely nothing to apologise for. I know the truth about Mumba. He fraudulently obtained his credentials."

While in Eastern Province, Mumba said what was happening to Banda was "very, very bad" and "very, very sad"

"Going after former president Rupiah Banda and inconveniencing his life and trying to humiliate him before the international community as a new government, I think it's not necessary. I call for a more tolerant governance style in our country," he said.

Mumba said as a human being, Banda did his best during his tenure.

"None of us should feel like a foreigner in our own country, president Rupiah Banda should not feel like a foreigner. He did an excellent job as a human being, he is not God. He did his best and I think that we should allow the old man to retire and rest in peace and be applauded for the job that he did, instead of being rewarded with appearances in court for trumped-up charges," Mumba said.

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