Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PF victory will finish off UPND in Lukulu - Scott
By Moses Kuwema
Tue 16 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

VICE-President Dr Guy Scott says a victory for the PF in Lukulu West will completely finish off the UPND in the area.

And Vice-President Scott says in terms of parliamentary seats, the PF government is the weakest party to have ever ruled Zambia.

In an interview after his campaign trail in Lukulu West, Vice-President Scott said the victory for the PF would badly damage the UPND's credibility.

"This election will completely finish off the UPND. It will badly damage the credibility of UPND," said Vice-President Scott.

He said he was optimistic that the PF would win the Lukulu West seat.
"I am pretty sure we are taking this seat unless someone thinks I am a very good liar. People are very isolated, we need to put honestly applied resources into Lukulu West, it has never happened before," he said.

Vice-President Scott said the people of Mitete district have been cheated with money meant for their schools, clinics and fertiliser inputs.

He said the PF was the honest wing of MMD, which does not bury money under concretes.

And Vice-President Scott said the PF was not interested in a one-party state but was interested in having parliamentary majority.

"People accuse us of wanting a one-party state. The PF government is the weakest in parliamentary terms that has ever ruled Zambia. We don't have a simple majority and therefore we want more PF at least to get a simple majority. Is the simple majority a one-party state? It is not!

It's not tyranny. It's just part of the game. I think it was much more dangerous I think when the MMD came to power in 1991, we got 125 seats to 25 for UNIP plus eight nominated for us. It was very damaging because it was like a one-party state, people could afford to stab each other in the back without any interference from the opposition because the opposition was too small," Vice-President Scott said.

He said much as the PF had opposition members of parliament they were working with in the House, the party wanted to have its own members of parliament.

"We have to watch our steps, often as leader of the House, I have to get to Parliament early, I have to start calling people early and say make sure you are there. But we would rather have our own pure breeds if you like because anything can happen when you are cooperating with the opposition. We would like our pure majority and that's what we are asking for. People are accusing us of wanting two thirds," he said.

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