Monday, June 17, 2013

C/belt UPND says working hard to make PF unpopular
By Misheck Wangwe in Kitwe
Thu 13 June 2013, 14:00 CAT

UPND on the Copperbelt says it is working hard to make PF unpopular countrywide. But Copperbelt PF chairman Robert Mwewa says it is wishful thinking for the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his provincial leadership to think they can penetrate the province and dislodge the PF in 2016 with their uncivilised politics that lack substance.

Addressing UPND Copperbelt officials at one of the houses in Luanshya town on Sunday, Hichilema lamented that the PF was giving him and his national executive sleepless nights.

But Copperbelt UPND chairman Elisha Matambo said it was in fact President Michael Sata's PF that was having sleepless nights because the opposition party had penetrated the Copperbelt and was working hard to dislodge the ruling party's popularity.

Matambo said the PF did not deserve to be in government because it was hurting Zambians with its policies such as the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.

He said the PF was shaking because of the impact of Hichilema's visit to the Copperbelt.

"What happened is that we had lunch that was prepared by the Luanshya UPND officials and not a meeting as reported... In fact at the rally after lunch we had a lot of people, actually we deliberately didn't transport people because we knew that the people there had appetite to listen to Hakainde. There was even a young man who came, knelt down and apologised on behalf of all the youths in Zambia for voting for President Sata and PF. So the UPND is hot. PF officials are jumping like headless chickens because of the impact of president Hakainde's visit," Matambo claimed.

He said the UPND was now popular on the Copperbelt because Hichilema had visited Chisokone market after the Face to Face programme on Radio Icengelo.

But Mwewa said the UPND had demeaned the PF capabilities even before the 2011 elections, adding that Hichilema and his officials were still shocked that President Sata and his party were in government.

He said the PF had a strong connection with the people that had come to appreciate the significant strides the government was making to end poverty and deliver on its promises of infrastructure development.
Mwewa said PF officials were respected in the province because they discussed issues and that Hichilema had failed to substantiate his argument and was now busy scandalizing everyone.

He said Zambians had risen above petty politics that were being exhibited by the UPND and were only interested in seeing development.

"The PF has proved to be a very effective government by being practical and not merely rhetoric. We have the Pave Zambia coming and this project will not only make our townships clean but they will create jobs; we have the Link Zambia 8000, we are paving rural areas as well and the removal of subsidies on fuel will also have enormous benefits for the country. Many Zambians are able to see these things," said Mwewa.

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