Monday, July 08, 2013

Nevers is a mouth for hire - Sata
By Kombe Chimpinde
Wed 03 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has described Nevers Mumba as a mouth for hire whose recent views on the Supreme Court are reckless and bankrupt.

But Mumba yesterday maintained that President Sata wanted to use the Supreme Court as a slaughterhouse and an abattoir for democracy.

On Saturday Mumba, leader of the opposition MMD, questioned the Supreme Court ruling on Dora Siliya.
The Supreme Court overturned suspended High Court judge Charles Kajimanga's declaration that Siliya was duly elected as member of parliament for Petauke Central.
But Mumba doubted the legitimacy and fairness of all Supreme Court rulings on parliamentary election petitions.
However, President Sata (left) said in a statement issued by his special assistant for press and public relations, George Chellah, that Mumba was petitioning his own competence as leader through his irrational verbal attack launched on the Supreme Court.
"His recent reckless and bankrupt view tells it all," he said.
"Regrettable as it might be, Pastor Mumba appears to be a mouth for hire. How can a clergyman denounce the Judiciary for standing up against corruption? His complaint that the opposition and the MMD are being targeted by the Judiciary is ridiculous."
President Sata urged Mumba to halt what he said were ill-advised and misplaced attacks on the country's judiciary.
"Pastor Mumba has distinguished himself as an inconsistent clergyman who is comfortable supporting wrong things as long as it rewards him the possibility of personal sustenance," he said.
President Sata further urged Mumba to concentrate on resolving the internal problems facing the former ruling party rather than attack the Judiciary.
"Problems can't be solved by blaming others. Lies and noise cannot mitigate on his incompetence. Let pastor Mumba look at himself and be honest for a change," President Sata said.
"I would also like to advise him that as somebody who aspires to lead this country, he must learn to respect the Judiciary."
But Mumba yesterday continued with his attacks on the Judiciary and called on judge Lombe Chibesakunda to resign.
Mumba said his claim was evident by the concurrent nullification of three MMD-held seats.

"Hon Maxwell (Mwale), Malambo Constituency was nullified. Shortly after that, Mutolo Phiri of Chipata Central was nullified. Shortly after that Dora Siliya's seat Petauke Central was nullified. That now agrees with the information we had received," Mumba claimed.

"President Sata wants to use the Supreme Court as a slaughter house for democracy, as an abattoir for democracy. There we appeal to the President to remove the acting Chief Justice and present to parliament," said Mumba.

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