Thursday, May 10, 2012

(NEWZIMBABWE) Tracy Mutinhiri joins MDC-T

Tracy Mutinhiri joins MDC-T
09/05/2012 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

THE former Labour and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Tracy Mutinhiri has joined the MDC-T following her expulsion from Zanu PF and later government in September last year. Mutinhiri announced on Wednesday she had joined the MDC-T, citing a “calling to work for my country”.

“Yes it is true that I have now officially joined the MDC-T. People are born with gifts and one of my gifts is a calling to work for my country, and when I was in Zanu PF I was doing it with all my heart and unfortunately they decided to expel me,” Mutinhiri said.

“That calling is still in me and I decided to move on to another progressive party to do my work that I am called to do and that is to work for my country.”

Mutinhiri had her Marondera East parliamentary whip withdrawn following her expulsion on charges, ironically, that she was working with the MDC-T and undermining her party’s programmes.

Tracy, the ex-wife of Brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri and mother to Big Brother star Vimbai, insists that the expulsion was unwarranted.

“I was in an inclusive government, and I was working as a professional. Working as a professional is to work with everybody and on that point I was misunderstood,” she told the Voice of America’s Studio 7.

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