Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bernie Sanders vs The Soros Funded Clinton Enabling Activist Industry

This is a response to the #BLM controversy, before it was removed from one of their activists, Imani Gandy's site:

This isn't about Hillary and that you are here angrily sputtering about Clinton, and George Soros, says a lot about your "progressive values." You care more about Black votes than Black lives. Well good like trying to get Sanders elected without Black voters.
Is that the deal, alienating Bernie Sanders from Black Voters?

As usual, you have your opinion ready made, and KNOW NOTHING about me. If you want to know about me, read my blog. And learn something about Africa, and the newstories behind the headlines. I have been blogging about Southern Africa, economics, for more than 8 years now. And you label me a 'white progressive' before you even know my name or have read anything I wrote?

Are you saying that this is how you blundered into the Bernie Sanders rally, knowing nothing about Bernie Sanders, his track record on Civil Rights, or his voting record? Please tell me that's not so.

You'd rather believe some absurd conspiracies about BLM being Clinton shills that believe that these Black women are sincere in their protesting the deaths of Black people in our community.
I'll leave the invention of the term 'Conspiracy Theory' by the CIA alone for now. It is not a 'conspiracy theory' to point out that the leadership of BLM is part of the leadership of the NDWA, and that the NDWA took part in the Clinton Global Initiative America 2015. And lo and behold, you don't go after Hillary Clinton. Hillary gets to meet behind closed doors, without any photo ops. What a coincidence. What exactly was discussed with the Clintons? (And no, that's not a 'conspiracy theory', that is a question.)

Now to call that 'a conspiracy theory', how about calling it 'a hint'? 'A clue'?

Black people are demanding respect for our humanity and all you can retort with his "Sanders is your best friend?"

As a good friend of mine pointed out, we're talking about life and death matters and all you can talk about is political rivalries as if that is all that matters.

Clearly, you have no clue, as to who Bernie Sanders IS.

Bernie Sanders is going to be the best President since FDR, in fact he is going to better than FDR, if he gets a Congress he can work with and does something about the Supreme Court.

He might even become as good as HUEY LONG, who I'm sure you have never heard of either.

It is because of Huey Long, that FDR only even considered many of the programs that eventually built the American middle class. The fact that African Americans were specifically excluded from those programs in the South doesn't change that. It is a disgrace that must never be repeated. However, I trust Bernie Sanders more than any politician not to make such a deal in the future.

Well it doesn't. Trickle-down justice will not work this time. And Sanders cannot win without us. Clinton cannot win without us.
Oh yes they can.

And you talk about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as if they are the same.

They are not. Clinton is a Republican in disguise. She was a Goldwater Republican in the 1960s. Bernie Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist. He marched with Martin Luther King. If you can't tell the difference, it is time to hit the books again (which is a good thing and a hint, not a putdown - I hit the books every day, I love knowledge and information and the information age).

You don't get to tell Black voters that Sanders is our best friend. That's just not how this works. But continue angrily spewing nonsense if it makes you feel better.

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